The Vision

A vision of Bishopstoke, 2031


"In 2031 Bishopstoke is a thriving sustainable community with local areas of natural beauty whose rural character has been maintained and enhanced. It is a place where the existing network of footpaths and local walks has been dramatically extended, and connects existing and new community centres. There are excellent public services across healthcare, education and leisure, and low levels of pollution and congestion.

Pedestrians and cyclists feel safe wherever they go in Bishopstoke, using an extensive network of foot and cycle paths throughout the entire area. They are also able to travel to neighbouring areas without having to travel on busy roads. Community buildings and local shops are the core of both existing and new centres of development, and are reachable by all local residents without needing to make a car journey. Schools in particular are reachable in safety by both pedestrians and cyclists.

New development has been sympathetic to the local area, and mixed housing has allowed all strands of society to live here and enjoy the area. They have enhanced access to the existing areas of natural beauty already present in the area. The local woodland has been protected from harm by substantial buffers which have allowed the natural environment to thrive. All local centres, whether existing or new development, have been connected to foster and encourage the strong sense of community that has always existed here.

The Conservation Area, local rivers, woodlands and bio-diversity has been protected as a treasured local resource, and is widely recognised as being an outstanding natural environment."

The steering group looked at the results of our first questionnaire and from them developed the vision of Bishopstoke's future that we believe the people of Bishopstoke want to see. The vision, along with the objectives that underpin it, is now being shared with local residents. From the Vision and Objectives come the developing of policies that we wish to see affect Bishopstoke over the next 10-15 years.

Anyone wishing to help with Bishopstoke's Neighbourhood Plan should contact the group. There are many different ways you could help, from giving a few minutes of your time to deliver down your street, to being a regular member of the steering group. New volunteers are always welcome.