The Plan

Bishopstoke Neighbourhood Plan Position Statement

This document is a collation of information about Bishopstoke and is divided up into various topics. It is not yet complete, but is the beginning of the evidence pack which will underpin the neighbourhood plan.


The document also begins to set out the draft visions, objectives, sites and site selection criteria for consultation with the general public as part of the process of creating the Bishopstoke Neighbourhood Plan (BiNP).  In its final form, the Neighbourhood Plan will set out planning policies to manage the direction of future growth, change and development in the Plan area.

This draft document reflects the ongoing work of the BiNP Steering Groups and builds on the work undertaken over the past four years on both a place plan, a community plan and a regeneration strategy for Bishopstoke. This Steering Group is made up of volunteers who are developing the Plan as well as representation from the Parish council. The purpose of this position statement is to summarise the work on the Plan, to identify the current issues in Bishopstoke, to set out draft visions and objectives for the Plan, as well as to consider the development sites and site selection criteria to be used going forward to deliver on the Plan’s vision.


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Christmas 2017: First questionnaire delivered across Bishopstoke - read the questions here

April 2018: Results of first questionnaire published, revealing traffic and the problems it causes to be the number one concern of local residents - read the results here

Summer 2018: A vision of Bishopstoke in 2031 is drafted by the steering group

October 2018: Aims and Objectives first draft agreed

January 2019: Plan-et appointed to draft policies based on aims and objectives

March 2019: Position Statement published