Aims & Objectives

Working from the information gathered in our survey, the Steering Group met and discussed what the Aims and Objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan should be. The results of those discussions are here and will form the basis for draft policies that will build together to make our draft Plan.


We can then consult with the residents of Bishopstoke again to make sure that we have got the priorities, the Vision, the Aims & Objectives and the Policies right before we go forward to the final stages of a local referendum and having our Plan "made".

Natural Environment & Landscape

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Obj 4:

To protect the village’s natural habitats so that they thrive

To enable all residents to enjoy enhanced access to all habitats in the village

To preserve the bio-diversity and Local Green Spaces of the parish


To respect and conserve the distinctive character of the landscape, natural environment and historic assets of the parish

Excellent Community Facilities


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Obj 7:

To ensure all residents can easily access comprehensive local healthcare

To enhance community spirit, health and well-being by ensuring all residents can access excellent leisure, play and community facilities


To support appropriate business development to build a strong economy with local employment that benefits all residents

Sustainable Transport


Obj 8:

Obj 9:

Obj 10:

Obj 11:

To enable all residents to travel without needing to depend on private cars

To prioritise the health and well-being of residents when planning transport


To ensure that all journeys are as safe as possible whatever the mode of transport


To consider the future of transport when planning

Sympathetic Housing


Obj 12:

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Obj 15:

Obj 16:

To ensure new housing is designed to respect the heritage of the community

To ensure new developments enable new residents to integrate with the community


To ensure that quality is not compromised, whatever the dwelling being built


To ensure the housing mix of any new development enables residents to continue to live in the village, whether young or old, should their needs change


To ensure new developments include excellent online connectivity

As our work on the Bishopstoke Neighbourhood Plan goes forward it is possible that these Aims and Objectives will be amended, added to, or even reduced. We want to produce the best plan possible for Bishopstoke and therefore we have to be able to change the Plan as we go forward so that it best reflects the wishes of the community here in Bishopstoke.